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Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse Representation in California

Victims of sexual abuse experience a wide range of emotions. It is important for these victims to know that, though they may feel out of control due to the abuse that they have suffered, there is a way to seek justice. By enlisting the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced sexual abuse lawyer, you can take the steps necessary to hold the abuser responsible for his or her harmful actions.

The Law Offices of Ronald B. Schwartz is dedicated to helping clients across California that have suffered an instance, or lifetime of sexual abuse. We provide families with confidential and trusted representation while compassionately helping them to regain control of their lives. A skilled member of our firm will personally meet with you, or with parents of children that have been abused. During the initial visit, we can discuss the case and determine the best way in which to proceed. Contact us to learn more.

Over the past decade, we have handled various types of sexual abuse cases for our clients, including cases of child molestation by a member of the clergy (including representing a victim of abuse as part of the historic $100 million dollar settlement with the Diocese of Orange), sexual abuse committed by a teacher or other school official, or day care sexual abuse.

Individuals that are entrusted with positions of authority and respect sometimes commit sexual abuse. They abuse their power in order to create a feeling of helplessness in the victim. Our firm aggressively fights for the rights of the victims in these cases, filing actions against the violators and any related individuals, such as superiors that may have contributed to or facilitated the abuse.

View some of the settlements and verdicts we have had in sexual abuse cases.

Contact a sexual abuse attorney at the Law Offices of Ronald B. Schwartz today to learn more how we may be able to help you through the emotions and legal issues you are facing.

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